Goopal has unique technical advantages and application ability.

Block Chain

Blockchain is a data structure for organising and maintaining a large quantity of data in a method of decentration based on cryptography technology. The blockchain is especially applicable to the accounting books of data assets. Data in the blockchain is allocated a related data signature that cannot be forged.

Asymmetric Encryption

ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) is a public-key encryption technology that is based on Elliptic Curve theory and uses the Abel group discrete logarithm intractability constituted by elliptic curve points on finite field to achieve encryption, decryption, and digital signature. By using the corresponding addition in the elliptic curve with modular multiplication in the discrete logarithm, you can create cryptosystems based on the elliptic curve.The block includes the signatures of delegates for this block, and the signature is encrypted by public-private key pairs provided by the ECC encryption algorithm. The delegate signs for the block end with a self-owned private key and stores the signature in the delegate signature area, and then the receiver decodes it using the public key of the delegate. If the decoding fails, the block will be abandoned, and meanwhile the legal transaction in this block will be repackaged.

Distributed Structure

he distributed network structure features a highly reliable decentralized control – a local failure in the network will not affect the operation of the network. The decentralized structure ensures that there will be no system manipulation or tampering by the centralized organization or the company, and that all node users are equal and secure.


DPOS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) is the block generation mechanism adopted by Goopal during the operational stage. Compared to POW, it can offset the negative effect generated by the centralisation by the technology-based democracy while solving the problems of waste and low-efficient block generation, which is more aligned with the mechanism of the financial system. Goopal system chooses the top 99 delegates based on the voting results in the transaction, and its working content is to package the generated blocks of transactions. DPOS makes the network more democratic than other systems by using the voting procedure for decentralisation.


Goopal system has been upgraded, with each block supporting 1000 package deals, or 100TPS. Transaction verification is faster and more efficient. With further optimization of Goopal, efficiency will be further improved in the future.

Easy to Use

Goopal is an open and friendly block chain platform. You may customize your application on the Goopal block chain based on your own requirements. You may also use the Goopal source code to construct the private chain. Professional teams at Goopal will also provide you with timely support and assistance.


Here, you can view and download documents you require, such as white papers, API Guide, etc.

Goopal White Paper

Goopal white paper explains Goopal’s technical, distribution and transaction guidelines to help you gain a better understanding of the Goopal system.



Goopal API Guide can help you to develope your application on Goopal system


GOP Wallet4.2.2 Guide

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Download wallet, Snapshot and Other data of Goopal

GOP Wallet 4.2.2

v4.2.2 Optimize the display on the surface

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Snapshot 2015.11.25


Source code

Please download the source code on git:

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  • 2017.04.05 ...... GOP Wallet4.2.2 release
  • 2016.09.03 ...... GOP Wallet4.2.1 release
  • 2016.04.29 ...... GOP Wallet3.0.4 release
  • 2016.04.20 ...... goopal API guide release
  • 2016.04.15 ...... goopal2.0 release
  • 2016.03.26 ...... New
  • 2016.02.01 ...... Goopal Open Source
  • 2016.01.25 ...... Goopal change the source of NTP
  • 2015.11.25 ...... POW->DPOS
  • 2015.11.22 ...... GOP Wallet2.3.0 release
  • 2015.11.20 ...... Goopal White Paper.0.2 release
  • 2015.11.11 ......

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Goopal-a and Goopal-b:Two experiments will end on December 31, 2017

Two experiments Goopal-a and Goopal-b will end on December 31, 2017 at 24 o'clock according to Malta time. Both Goopal-a and Goopal-b are digital points system experiments conducted by Goopal Gateway Limited in Malta. Many thanks to the participation of relevant enthusiasts.